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Alentejo, Portugal

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Alentejo, Portugal

5 days for your body and mind
We designed Solid Water retreat exactly how we see our perfect holiday — packed with enjoyable things, done with class.

5 days at a boutique secluded villa in an untouched region of Portugal:
  • practicing pilates and stretching at an enjoyable pace
  • firesides chats about life and wellbeing
  • group coaching sessions to get new perspectives on life and ourselves
  • building new friendships
  • healthy sustainable food & wine
  • leisure activities such as hiking, wine tasting and visiting local landmarks
this retreat is for you if:
city buzz has left you seeking recharge and renewal
you're longing for a meaningful vacation that is more than just lying on the beach and partying all night
you feel like you lost your spark and are looking for ways to ding it again
Test our retreat from the comfort of your home for free!
Leave us your email, and you'll get a free 30-min coaching session with Ilona and a trial stretching or pilates class at Solid Water studio.

No payment required.
who we are
Solid Water
digital fitness studio
Solid Water is a digital space where you feel good about yourself and your body. The studio promotes a balanced approach to living. This means that all our routines are designed to let you enjoy yourself in the time with us, with no pressure of overachievement.

Our instructors Kate & Anna will help you know your body better during this retreat.
About instructors
Ilona Stepanova
a transformation coach based in Vienna, Austria.
Ilona (ex-CEO of the Ukraine office of Ogilvy PR, co-founder and owner of had a successful corporate career before she moved to Vienna and re-qualified as a Transformation coach.

‘We all know everything about ourselves'
is Ilona's motto. She applies a range of methods to help her clients move towards reaching their full potential, both professionally and in personal lives.
Coaching programme
price includes
  • Full board accommodation (vegetarian menu, 3 daily farm to table meals)
  • 8 group pilates and stretching classes (two sessions per day)
  • One individual consultation with 1 instructor (30 min)
  • 4 group coaching sessions: wellness, relationships, career, creativity, purpose
  • Professional photographs capturing the best moments of our time together
  • Gifts for each participant

Please note — price doesn't include air fare, retreat transfer from and to the airport, spa treatments, alcoholic beverages and activities outside of the villa. However we will be there to facilitate all extra activities you wish to undertake.

We will help organize transfer to and from the retreat.

To reserve your spot for the retreat a 30% deposit is required. The remaining part must be paid in full by the 29 August 2023. By paying deposit you agree to our terms&conditions.
a typical retreat day
Saturday, 30.09
7:00 - 9:00 Breakfast
9:00 - 10:20 Coaching session: Wellness and Connections
11:00 - 12:00 Pilates with Kate
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
15:00 - 17:00 Winery visit/free time
18:00 - 19:30 Stretching with Anna
20:00 - 21:00 Dinner
21:00 - 00:00 Fireside chat
invite your loved ones
Thinking of bringing a friend or a partner? Absolutely!

They might not be into pilates or coaching, but who could resist the serene nature, delicious cuisine, and laid-back vibes? They can spend their days exploring the surroundings, enjoying quiet moments with a book, or maybe even discovering a new passion for stretching.

Come solo, as a couple, or with friends - you're all welcome.
This is our first awesome retreat. We are going to ask you for a leap of faith but just for reassurance here is what our clients say of their experience with the studio
Julia, 32
values her time
based in London, UK
I have a very demanding corporate job which requires spending a lot of time in front of my laptop. This is the cause of me feeling stiff and tense pretty much all the time.

Attending Solid Water allows me to have a much-needed break for my body without wasting extra time on my commute. They make me feel stronger, without wearing me out, healthier, more flexible, and also more womanly.
Stephan, 26
recovered from an injury
based in London, UK
Solid Water helped me greatly with my recovery from a slipped disk injury I sustained.

Mobility classes with Anna were ideal for guiding me through my recovery: the exercises helped strengthen my back and prevent further injury, and the exercises were conducted in a safe way. I GREATLY recommend Solid Water's classes to anyone looking for a safe and personal environment!
Lisa, 34
likes personal approach
based in Alicante, Spain
Solid Water turned my view of online classes upside down. The level of care, attentiveness and bespoke approach are unprecedented.

I had been doing yoga for many years but at some point, unfortunately, I stopped seeing progress. After just a few classes at Solid Water, I saw an immediate improvement in my flexibility!
Irina, 43
appreciates calm gentle classes
based in Geneva, Switzerland
The class at Solid Water began with a careful survey of my physical condition, then instructor Anna smoothly moved on to exercises.

She doesn’t rush, gives time to get into a pose, feel it and get out of it gently - this is important for me since I don’t work out on a regular basis.
Anastasia, 26
raised awareness of her body
based in London, UK
It is about building connection between the body and the spirit.

The instructor isn’t only giving me instructions on how to properly complete an exercise, but also explains how the energy flows through the body during that particular posture. This raises awareness of your body.
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