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meet the founders: Daria Partas and Maria Tsarkova

Inspired by a shared vision, London-based entrepreneurs, Daria Partas and Maria Tsarkova, embarked on a journey to revolutionize the world of home fitness. Driven by their mutual dissatisfaction with overcrowded studios and lack of personal attention, they created Solid Water — a place for those seeking a more refined, secure, and balanced approach to training.
Create space in your body with our online fitness programme. Progress towards your splits and handstands. Release tension in your muscles after a busy day for an ultimate studio experience at home.

Solid Water was conceived as a premium fitness studio that works from home. This simply means that we provide you with all the necessary tools to reconstruct an experience of visiting a boutique studio but in the comfort of your home.

At Solid Water, we are promoting a balanced approach to living. This means that all our routines are designed to let you enjoy yourself in the time with us, with no pressure of overachievement.

From speaking with you and from our own experience, we know that most people who attend group classes don’t want to sweat blood and tears. What we want is to do things that make us feel good, both physically and emotionally.

That’s why our menu of classes and their intensity is reflective of this philosophy. You will have a very solid feeling of having done a great routine that’s allowing you to progress towards your goals. However, you will not be left exhausted and feeling done for the day…

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