pregnancy & postpartum

take care of your body from the comfort of your home
help your changing
body adapt
Your pregnancy journey is quite a ride and may not always be an easy one:
  • your body is changing and that can be frightening
  • your lower back, knees, muscles (or sometimes everything at once) ache
  • leaving home may become a challenge
it's okay
if you don’t know how to adapt to these changes and how to take care of your body in this new state. We created a program to support you on your pregnancy journey and after.
No pre-recorded videos. Our live classes ensure real-time interaction and personalised feedback. No need to leave your home to enjoy a quality workout.
online pregnancy classes
Live online classes
Support your changing body from the comfort of your home under the guidance of professional instructors
Our instructors are certified in teaching pregnancy-friendly classes and have already helped over 100 women on their journey.
Professional instructors
With a maximum of 3 people per class, you receive the individual attention you deserve. We customise training routines according to your needs.
Personal approach & feedback
how you will benefit from our pregnancy classes
coupon for a trial:
you can choose between pilates and Iyengar-yoga inspired routines depending on your preferences
classes focus on developing mobility of your hips and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles: to help you prepare for labor or recover after
gentle routines calm your mind and help release tension
you will stay active and flexible in a safe way, allowing you to quickly recover postpartum

4 steps to join pregnancy classes

Book your trial class for €6/£5
Pick a class from our schedule and book it. If you have any questions, contact us via WhatsApp.
Prepare you home gym

Transform your home into your personal fitness studio.
You can find all you need here.
Join the live class

Log in from anywhere in the world and connect with our professional instructors
in real-time, receiving personal feedback during your class.
Continue your journey

If you enjoyed your trial class, buy a bundle of 4, 8, or 12 classes to continue your wellness journey with us.
why online training is effective
and better than YouTube videos and offline studios
  • 1. safety
    Real-time guidance from our instructors who ensure you maximize results and stay safe during any activity.
  • 2. personal approach
    Our groups are smaller than what most offline studios offer:
    3 people in the class maximum
  • 3. care & relaxation
    Our classes are about feeling good, not exhausted. If you don't enjoy your class, we'll return your money.
class pricing
1 class
pay as you go
  • 1-hour live interactive online-session
  • personal feedback from the instructor
4-class bundle
  • 4 live interactive online-session
  • 6 weeks to attend
  • digital progress tracker
  • access to community
8-class bundle
  • 8 live interactive online-session
  • 10 weeks to attend
  • digital progress tracker
  • access to community
All prices in euro are approximate. You will pay in GBP

class pricing

All prices in euro are approximate. You will pay in GBP
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